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The purpose of my newsletters are to provide general business, accounting and tax tips to business owners.  I wanted to create a publication which people can easily access, view and use as a resource to see if there are topics of interest that may be useful and relevant to their particular circumstances.

Topics which are covered in my newsletters should be discussed with your personal financial advisors if you feel they are of interest to you, just as I discuss various topics and strategies which are relevant to my clients with them.

My newsletters will be posted on this website to provide a reference tool for those who wish to view them.  Should you wish to receive electronic copies in PDF format, please send me an email requesting this, and I will ensure a copy is emailed to you when they are published.

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As well, your referrals are always welcome and certainly appreciated.  Your referrals are the biggest form of compliment to me, as it means you are either happy with the services I am providing to you or you find what I have to say to be relevant, interesting and useful.

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Rod McNeil, Chartered Professional Accountant
ISSUE #1February 1, 2012

ISSUE #2                      March 1, 2012

ISSUE #3June 1, 2012

ISSUE #4September 1, 2012

ISSUE #5October 24, 2012

ISSUE #6December 18, 2012

ISSUE #7May 1, 2013

ISSUE #8October 10, 2013


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- Health expenses as a corporate expense deduction
- Maximizing after tax dollars

- Should you incorporate?
- Building your advisory team

- Tax tips (meals and entertainment) (automobile)
- US Tax considerations

- RRSP considerations in wealth and tax planning
- Home office costs

- Newsletter for dentists (is it time to sell your dental

- Bank mortgage life/disability insurance - BEWARE!

- NPO filing requirements, what many don't know!!!
  Be aware of CRA's filing requirements to avoid
  harsh penalties

- Starting a new business - a few warnings you need
  to consider!

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